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Follow our schedule and plan your listening times accordingly. With broadcasting at all hours of the day and every day during the year, there’s tons of radio shows to choose from at PLAY FM. Since 2021, we’ve been providing unparalleled radio entertainment to listeners around Coventry, RI

City View
Sound Check
Ready at the Line


This show is the perfect opportunity for listeners to wind down and get ready to ring in the weekend. Whether you’re into music or talk shows, Pop Hour provides listeners with an opportunity to enjoy original, high-quality content every single week. Tune in and discover why our listeners refuse to miss Pop Hour.


Life seems wildly chaotic when Rock Hour comes on, but somehow everything always falls into place. Tune in every day at 9 AM EST sharp and you’ll enjoy the rich content provided by PLAY FM through Rock Hour. Learn more about the wildly popular show that’s keeping listeners around San Francisco incredibly engaged with the most entertaining show out there.


We can’t get enough of Sports Hour and we know you’ll feel the same way. This is one of the oldest and most popular shows on our station. Tune in to discover new hits and enjoy the classics from the genre. Whether it’s a new fun fact by one of our hosts or a one-hit wonder, there’s always something new to discover when you decide to listen to Sports Hour on PLAY FM.

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